Easy LAN Folder Share

Easy LAN Folder Share 3.2

A great software which helps users share folders across the LAN!
3.2.0 (See all)

Easy Lan Folder Share, the folder's sharing cross the LAN become so easy!
- Very easy to share folder to others over the LAN.
- The sharing process is over your Local network, no need to cross the internet, your data safety is ensured .
- Your visitors don't need to setup additional software . All the things they need to do is find your computer from neighbor in the LAN network, then access the data they want.
- All visitors are automatically authenticated as "Guest" account, no password needed.
- Suitable for home network or small office network environment.
- You can see which vistor is real-time accessing to your shared folders.
- Stop any sharing with just one click.
- You can see all the folders being shared at a glance.
- Support Windows xp, 2003, Vista.

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